Kiran Fund mourns……..

We are very sorry to bring you extremely sad news from Nepal;

On May the 9th, 2021, RAMESH THAPA, who was one of our Full Support Program students (FSP)in Yampa, suddenly passed away.

He died after saving two young children from drowning when they got into trouble while swimming in the river. Unfortunately Ramesh himself was too exhausted to find his own way back into safety and drowned.

Ramesh had been selected by the Kiran Fund in 2010 to join our FSP at the hostel in Yampa. He was the first in his family to get the chance to go to school.

Ramesh was supposed to enter his Exam Year after the lockdown and would be graduating from Manaslu Boarding School in April 2022. He was a good student with good grades and also a great sportsman who loved volleyball.
Ramesh was a warm, friendly, kind and very helpful person. A real big brother to the young ones and a friend to us all.
We all know Ramesh for his good nature, his enthusiasm and great sense of humor. We will always remember him with an enormous smile on his face.
Ramesh will leave an empty space in our hearts forever.

We would like to express our sincere condolences and our deepest and heartfelt sympathies for the passing of Ramesh to Ramesh’s family, our Kiran Fund staff in Nepal, the teachers and staff of the Manaslu Boarding School, to all fellow students at Manaslu and to all brothers and sisters of our Kiran Fund family at the hostel. We wish you strength in these sad times.

Ramesh’s mother is physically handicapped and blind.
His father is not in good health and his older brother has got a leg disability. Both men are not capable of doing a lot of physical work. The house they live in is in bad shape and needs to be renovated soon.
Ramesh was their hope for a better future!

Together with the Nepali Kiran Fund Board in Nepal and the principal of Manaslu we will consider how we can support Ramesh’s family in their difficult times.