Welcome to the Kiran Fund
We support education for the poorest children in Nepal

Thousands of children in Nepal can not attend school for lack of money. We strive to provide these children with access to education, but we can not only achieve our goals. Find out how you can help.

Investing in education is investing in the future.

What we do

The Kiran Foundation supports the poorest boys and girls in Nepal with a good education. This improves their chances for a bright future for them and their family. This will ultimately lead to better development of Nepal. Kiran means “ray of light”. By supporting us you can have a “ray of light” for poor children and give them a better future.

Here is a short movie that shows what we do.

Het Kiran Fonds heeft 3 programma's opgezet in Nepal.

Preschool in Mauja

Preschool in Mauja

Preschoolers from the Mauja area come to Mauja primary school. The kindergarten was set up in collaboration with them. Sarmila and Om Kumari teach the little ones. Montessori education is a good basis so the kids can start their school days well prepared in a few years ….

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Montessori home in the hostel

When the children are at the Manaslu school, approximately 25 to 30 toddlers from the area come to the hostel. Santoshi and her team give the toddlers montessori education so they can start well-prepared for their school in a few years ….

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Acceptable scholarships voor higher education

If you want to study in Nepal and you don’t have much of your own money, it’s hard to get a loan. Loans can be taken out but interest rates range from 15-20%. We aim to give them a fair rate and thus a chance

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2020: Nprs 4.604.738 ~ Euro 33.000

Full support students
Salaris stafmedewerkers in Nepal
Short term students
Higher education students
Overige (o.a. Manaslu smart class & montessori in Mauja)

Kinderen gesponsord door Kiran Fonds

Kinderen op de Montessori

Inkomsten Nederland 2020

(Euro 40.582)

Uitgaven Nepal 2020

(Nprs 4.604.738 ~ Euro 33.000)