Wat wij doen

There are 3 programs within the Kiran Fund

  • Full support program
  • Short term scholarship
  • Higher education scholarship


The full support program offers scholarships and full care in the ‘Shanti Villa’ hostel. The children go to the Manaslu school in Dumre. The children are selected by the local parent groups and the staff of the Kiran Fund in Nepal.
In 2004 we started with this program, and since then we support about 25 children every year through their elementary and high school (10 years).
The costs for a child in this program is roughly 60 euros per month (including e.g. school fee, daily life, hostel). The children receive a scholarship to cover these costs. When the children get a job after their SLC (School Leaving Certificate), they can repay their loans with zero interest in order to support scholarships for new children so the cycle continues.

Short term scholarships

Many children in Nepal do not finish high school due to a lack of money. We offer scholarships to children for school and so the studies can be completed. The children go to school in Yampa Phant and Mauja. About 40-60 children are supported every year by this program. The costs of this program is € 5 per month to cover tuition fee and books.


Children who cannot afford to continue studying can apply for higher education scholarships after high school. We offer scholarships for college and university studies. Examples of studies include education, medicine, technology, etc.

The costs vary per study, however commonly range between €500-€1000 per year, 25% of which has to be covered by the student themselves, for example by acquiring a job alongside their studies. After the students have graduated and have a good job, they pay back their scholarship with zero interest. With this money, new students can get a scholarship and follow in their footsteps.