Education for future generations

The Kiran Fund has set up the full support program so that children of very poor families can follow education what they normally would not be able to. They are selected by a mother group from the village of Mauja and Yampa Phant. Often they are children who are missing one of their parents or whose parents are disabled. Also children who are abandoned by their parents, can get this support. These children live in the “Shanti Villa” hostel and go every day to the Manasluschool in Dumre. In the school holidays they go back to their family. They get in the hostel help with their homework, lesson on Agriculture and animal husbandry, dance lesson, lesson on hygiene and sports. The Kiran Fund supports these children and their families with an interest-free loan to cover all school costs and costs & indwelling. In order to be able to support a student to participate in this program is about 60 euros per month. Every year there are between 24 to 30 students in this program.