2 new children selected in the hostel

Priti & Dhan

We are pleased to let you know that the Nepali Board, together with the Mauja Mothergroup, has selected two new student for our EFG Program in Yampa.
Let us introduce them to you:
Prite B.K. en Dhan Prasad B.K.

Dhan Prasad B.K.
Dhan was born on the 12th of February, 2071. He is now seven years old and lives in Aatighar.
He is the youngest son of Chin and Laxmi Bahadur’s family of four children.
The family works for other farmers since they don’t own their own land. The parents are unable to arrange a good education for their children, due to poverty and other problems the family is facing at home. One of his sisters is physically and mentally disabled. Therefore we are happy to give Dhan this opportunity!

Priti Sunar
Priti was born on the 27th of November, 2072. She is now six years old and lives in Mauja.
She is the youngest daughter and one of the seven children from Chet and Sitha Bahadur.
Unfortunately Priti’s mother passed away after she gave birth to Priti. Her father takes care of his family, but he works for other farmers since he doesn’t own his own land and is unable to grow his own crops. Due to poverty her father is unable to send Priti to school and thereby providing a good education for her. We are happy to give her this chance!